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Plovdiv: Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture

Earlier this week we got a sneak peak preview of Europe’s Capital of Culture 2019, the beautiful city of…



Ever since we arrived in Bulgaria, we have heard nothing but praises for the historical city of Plovdiv, which we learned is also one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is also known as “The City of Seven Hills” due to, you guessed it, the 7 hills that the city was built  on.


Since our orchestra had a performance at the local theatre in Plovdiv on Monday night, we figured that this would be a perfect excuse to stay for an extra day and explore this amazing city in the south of Bulgaria before it becomes overrun with tourists in the coming year.


Saying that we enjoyed the city would definitely be an understatement 😆. By the end of our time there, we had fallen in love with this charming and artsy city, and we cannot wait for the chance to return in the future. We definitely would recommend adding Plovdiv to your list of destinations if you are ever planning a trip to the Balkans. Also, most everyone speaks English so you won’t have too much trouble finding your way around! If you go, here are some sneak peaks at what you might discover…


Lots of old Roman ruins, including the ancient theatre which is still active today! If you get a chance to see a performance here we highly recommend it!! Our orchestra was supposed to perform our opera on this stage but due to weather conditions we had to switch to the indoor theatre 😩.

An abundance of local craft and antique shops! Plovdiv is definitely an ideal spot for gift shopping as they have a fabulous mix of local artisan shops, more tourist gifts and antique shops for those who like to hunt for unique items.

The old town with its Gorgeous historical homes in the Bulgarian Renaissance architectural style! Many of them are now protected and serve as museums so you can enjoy experiencing both the inside and outside of these unique buildings!

The neighborhood of Kapana that has recently been revitalized with cobblestone walking streets, quaint cafes and coffee shops, local street art and vibrant colorful buildings. We hear it is also a great night-life spot but we were there on a Tuesday so it was fairly quiet in the evening for us.

Of course no excursion would be complete without trying the local food! There are many authentic Bulgarian restaurants to choose from, but since we have access to those in Ruse and wanted to try some different dishes we enjoyed one of the best meals we have had since arriving in Bulgaria at Паваж and enjoyed some French pastries at two different local bakeries!! Word on the street is that хлебарница капана is the best French Bakery in town 😉. Since we are a bit limited in our bakery options in Ruse the pastries were definitely an exciting treat that did not disappoint! Also the lamb we enjoyed for lunch was AMAZING and our waiter spoke wonderful English so we had the opportunity to get to know him and hear about his plans to open his own bakery in the future!

Don’t miss all the fun statues while you are visiting! Especially Milo who is known for collecting secrets and making them come true ☺️!

While we would love to share even more with you about our fabulous day in Plovdiv, it really would not be the same as you visiting for yourself!! Of course, if you are planning a trip in the near future we would be happy to pass along further travel tips if they might be useful! We do hope that some day you will have the chance to visit this historically rich city and all the beauty it has to offer!





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