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Our First Bulgarian Wedding

Earlier this year we had the joy of attending OUR FIRST BULGARIAN WEDDING! We meant to post about this long ago...and well life happened. We have heard quite a bit about Bulgarian wedding traditions this past year (and even caught glimpses of a few from a distance around town), but a few months ago we… Continue reading Our First Bulgarian Wedding

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A Bulgarian “Friends-Giving”

To all of our stateside readers, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week! Last year we had a very quiet thanksgiving, since it was our first year abroad, we had yet to discover where to buy all the food essentials and did not yet have many friends. This year, however, we had… Continue reading A Bulgarian “Friends-Giving”

Travel Tales

Plovdiv: Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture

Earlier this week we got a sneak peak preview of Europe's Capital of Culture 2019, the beautiful city of... PLOVDIV Ever since we arrived in Bulgaria, we have heard nothing but praises for the historical city of Plovdiv, which we learned is also one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is also known as… Continue reading Plovdiv: Europe’s 2019 Capital of Culture

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We Did It! One Year Abroad (and still counting…)

Whether you have been with us since we started the blog or only just started following us recently..we are excited to share that this past week marked: Our One Year Anniversary of Living in Bulgaria! Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have already been here for a full year. Then again, when we… Continue reading We Did It! One Year Abroad (and still counting…)