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Classic Tiramisu Recipe

Let's just get this out of the way right up front...we fully realize that Tiramisu is not an American dish or a Bulgarian dish, it is most definitely Italian!! That does not seem to prevent it, however, from being very popular amongst Bulgarians, especially as a dessert option on local restaurant menus. While I have… Continue reading Classic Tiramisu Recipe

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Grocery Shopping: Kaufland

As foodies...I LOVE grocery shopping (and Kevin loves eating)!! Well, usually I love grocery shopping assuming I can understand the labels of all the products 😂. Here in Bulgaria grocery shopping has certainly become easier over time but some days it can still feel overwhelming! Here in Ruse we have several places/types of stores where… Continue reading Grocery Shopping: Kaufland

Foodie Fun

Macaroni & Cheese (Honoring the Eagles’ Super Bowl Win!)

Confession: The first Super Bowl I (Sarah) watched was as a graduate student with my housemates and I have only watched the game (or at least part of it) a few times since then. As a child I barely even knew what the Super Bowl. Even now I do enjoy the excuse to try fun new… Continue reading Macaroni & Cheese (Honoring the Eagles’ Super Bowl Win!)