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A Return to Teaching…

As many of you know one of my passions (even more than playing music) is TEACHING! I have always had a love for learning and teaching, so while this year has been a big year for learning, I have greatly missed teaching (especially working with all of my former students and their families back in… Continue reading A Return to Teaching…

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A Transylvania Tour

One of the perks of our jobs with the Ruse Opera is the opportunity to tour with the orchestra throughout the year. If you missed it, I (Sarah) traveled to France with the orchestra last October, but this past week was the first tour for both Kevin and I with the orchestra and opera choir… Continue reading A Transylvania Tour

Culture & Community · Musical Moments · Travel Tales

A Tour to France (Bulgarian Style!)

First of all, my apologies to everyone for not posting this past month...I promise that Kevin and I are still ALIVE!! October was definitely a busy month of traveling with limited access to internet but we are now back at home and excited to share about the orchestra's recent tour to FRANCE!! As many of… Continue reading A Tour to France (Bulgarian Style!)